Arctic Circle It is believed that such a present - it is the soul of the giver, which will save the person to whom a gift was presented, from hardship, poverty and the evil eye. Finns. The same kind to the candles in as a gift. Even a group home collection. Sporting nation respects all kinds of sports equipment as a present, including the New Year. French. This romantic nation, with particular trepidation is looking for Gifts for loved ones. Their goal - to present something original, albeit completely impractical. If someone thinks that the ladies are made solely to give perfumes, it is seriously mistaken. Perfume can be present Married woman only by her husband, and for foreign men, friends and work colleagues, this gift would be considered bad form and may even cause a family rift. Swedes. Their tradition in the choice of gifts of Christmas, you can say, combine the tastes of Danes, Finns and Portuguese. Candles, but still made his own - is a symbol of friendship, warmth, cordiality and joy in the country near the Arctic Circle. Eskimos of Greenland as a family gift presented with each other ice sculptures. At least a few years they will be gifted to remind of the glorious celebration. Let us turn to the traditions of overseas nations. Americans. Perhaps the only nation that spends Gifts for friends sizeable sum, up to $ 1000, and near and dear ones - and even more. Cigars, wine, perfumes, scarves and sweaters Originally yet and that for each gift must enclose a check to see if wrong size of clothing, for example, could exchange or return the product to the store. Yes, there are no prejudices in this regard in the usa. Chinese. Love the "paired" show. A pair of wine glasses, tea pair,...
Essentials Some call it the eighth wonder of the world. She accompanies the man many thousands of years and unfailingly serves its wide variety of desires. She teaches, advises, instructs, entertains. She, too, "all ages", and she herself is not subject to time. The story of her birth takes us to ancient Egypt. It looked early on as few sheets of papyrus, on which debts were recorded and produced in accounting estimates. Much later than their replaced the scrolls of parchment, and then - parchment sheets sewn into the pile. The durability of this material and the relative depreciation allowed to expand its use. Now in it were recorded historical events and described the exploits of heroes. With the invention of paper, it became available the middle strata of the population and since then has become a universal repository of scientific and cultural information. As you may have guessed, we are talking about the book. C beginning of the age of computers, Internet and video, many "respectable" experts were predicting an end to the era of the book and reading culture. Indeed, competitors from the scientific and technological revolution at first pressed the "outdated" media. But then the book market, recovering from the shock, again began to strengthen its position. What is special about the twisted pile of paper with block letters? It turned out that the book gives a person the opportunity to internal dialogue with the author of the work, which is impossible while viewing or listening. The reader does not notice that the book becomes for him the subject of animated.

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