Process Number For example, most major online publications - newspapers, magazines, etc. - Offer to post an article on its website for a nominal fee. After placing a link in this article can be considered practically eternal, because your article will remain there forever. In addition, with a serious approach can be found noteworthy thematic area, who gladly accept add article, but also more unique and interesting. Fourth, the promotion of articles sometimes helps to get not only a link to the site, but also a little traffic. Indeed, in most cases, when placing the article on the donor, it appears in the news, and there is a strong likelihood that visitors to the site of the donor clicked on your link. Thus, we have tried to bring the most important benefits of promotion articles. Naturally, as in any other method, except there are some pluses minuses. The main disadvantage of moving items is its cost. That is, if for placing simple links is enough to make normal text for the links is to promote the articles have to prepare a large number of unique articles. Since most article directories and topical sites for placement only accept unique articles, the main part of a cost- Articles are promoting this article for placement. This is due to the fact that bots simply 'stick together' the same articles, and will be counted only one of them. Articles can be written to accommodate themselves to buy ready to order a copywriter and rerayteram. However, it should be remembered that serious progress will require a large number of articles. Therefore it is possible to order the finished article in the breeding of special services or have copywriters. In the process of reproduction, will be prepared by a huge number of articles, similarities which will be within...

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