Automatic Control In recent years, the market appears more and more proposals on automation of technological processes. Each offers its own version of automation, while reducing time and cost of development. Final consumer are pleased that he can help solve his problems (for example - npc Instrumentation), but it remains unclear what specifically can be done and how. This article will talk about how to automate a vacuum - the evaporation plant, "Wiegand (IVU" Wiegand "). All what is said below is also true for other vacuum evaporators. ivu "Wigand" is designed for thickening milk or whey. Why do automate this installation. Is the operator who watches cooking milk in the ivu "Wiegand". Its mission - to maintain the density of matter at the output of the installation of about 1.25 g/cm3. This requires taking a sample of milk or whey. In fact, everything is easier. The operator defines a "by eye" viscosity of the substance which runs down the walls inside the tank evaporator. Naturally, this method can not give accurate estimates of the density of matter, the more the plant operator can pass the required level of density. Let's see now, as will be governed by the density of unattended operation. Monitoring will be carried out using stream densitometer SPC-01. This device is set at the output of ivu. On the display you can see the density material (g/cm3), which flows through the device. Also on display is the display modes the temperature and the dry residue in 0Brix. The pump pumps the liquid through a densitometer, and therefore control parameters underflow carried out continuously. In order to obtain the density of matter with a certain accuracy. For this set on Density by pressing the upper and lower limits of density. I think it is clear that the upper limit...

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