Program Design and Development Major will be clear about the parts of our project and the development of the program (design, labor, exploitation and neglect) as well as the physical elements that comprise it. Do not forget the possible risk factors that affect both the project as a possible corrective measures (geological hazards, security risks, etc.).. Definition of scope. As for the term field is necessary to use existing legislation, which defines the scope of like the "river affected," a term not specified, but which we can conclude that establishing a wider than area directly affected by the project, even if only by analogy with the term watershed (which refers to all the points that drain into the same river). It is also important to distinguish between the physical and biological and socio-economic level, since the physical variables we take them at our convenience if there are no previous data, but the socio-economic variables are taken with a series of well-defined administrative criteria can not always match the scope of our study. Furthermore, we will also take into account the different scales of work trying to standardize the variables we take to our field of study. That is why we must take account of geographical scales, precision, temporal (especially taking into account the differences between the timescale of the project and the time scale of succession of events in nature, etc.). In general, the criteria for identifying spatial and temporal scope of an EIA are: Criterion legislature (and seen). Although previous studies empirically mark the extent of the impacts on projects similar to our study.

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