Russia Radio To capture 'PDP' - (Illegal actions of transmitters) direction finders have been developed, specifically designed for this purpose. For 'is usually all ended in the confiscation of radio equipment and a fine. But there have been cases and prosecution. Radiopiratam (for security reasons) had to go to the range of medium wave. The benefit of medium wave down hillsides into 'agricultural' or technically literate - 'intermediate'. Now Free operators can be heard on ordinary consumer receivers. The next stage. I have long tried to find out the name or call sign of the man who invented the scheme which became in time a classical radiohuliganskoy 'Barrel organ' - transferring boxes to the normal valve set that enables him to turn in two-way medium wave radio station. Scheme is so simple, that make it a force even fifth graders. And does! In actively joined the movement of young guys, students, for whom this is the 'barrel organ' is the first self-assembled structure. Their enthusiasm is understandable. Issued at that time (and now) books for beginners radio offers to start with assembly of detector receiver, or at best receiver of direct amplification. Few people it can seriously be interested in, especially if the house is already a modern (for those times) radiogram. A then immediately the radio! This is nowhere you can not buy, that's interesting! Until now, in some provincial cities in Russia section of medium range 170-200 m 'buzz' even in the daytime, when there is no long-range passing.
Fun In Norway All Scandinavia legally restricted to alcohol consumption. Norway is no exception. In Oslo, the license to sell alcohol and closing time of clubs depend on the age of visitors who settled there access. In the capital of the most popular clubs Smuget, Muddy Waters, Rock Bottom, Josefine Viseklubb, Bla, Gamle Logen, Rockfeller, Chateau Neuf, and Belleville. If the Bla sounds to jazz, techno, pop music, the Muddy Waters - Blues. Clubs and Josefine Viseklubb Smuget - a song writer and jazz. Among the capital's restaurants in the center of social life - Theatercaffeen in Vienna style, and vintage Grand Cafe at Grand Hotel. The first cafe loved Knut Hamsun, today there is often Princess Martha Louise. In the second - has been frequented Henrik Ibsen. He even had a personal table. Another paper on the wall indicates that that in 1924 at the invitation of the Fridtjof Nansen had dinner here Alexandra Kollontai, Russian ambassador. Network Cafe Bagel & Juice are the most expensive. Close to Oslo - Amusement Park Tyusenfrid ("Land of the Vikings") and the Santa Claus House in Drobak. One of the most renowned international festivals in Europe Notodden Blues Festival takes place in a small Norwegian town Nutodden (two hours drive from Oslo) and collects more than 30 thousand spectators at the fact that there are around 12 thousand people. In Nutoddene open a branch of the European Blues Center, Library of blues and blues museum. In 2005, the festival will be held from 4 to 7 August.

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