Automatic News - The date of posting (date and time must meet the specification RFC822, if the date refers to the future, the aggregator does not display the message until it is specified time). - RSS-channel, from which it received the message (tag must contain an attribute that specifies the link to the RSS-source.) Automatic generation of RSS-feed for the site feed to stay on the site In order to create a channel, first to off-site which will publish news of the site, to think that will be advertised in the news, and to create a template page of the channel. For example, on my site located on the main news page for a list of sections. Newsroom is a dynamic element that reads from the database the last publication of news and displays it on the page. The block contains the following elements: icon RSS, which refers to the tape news headlines last date of publication, the text of the last publication, a link to an article related to the publication; If you pay attention to the icon of RSS, you can see that it is linked in the archive - page rss.aspx. This page is full-fledged news channel, which can be used to process publications aggregators. So, to create RSS-feed for ASP.NET, we need: a database that will contain news, a page template to ASP.NET; code generating the content of the page ASP.NET; Database News In order to keep the news we need to create the database. Create a database can be on any platform, I'll use the easiest option - file mdb. Base data to better mark the news in a separate file, so when you update the contents of the tables does not erase the other tables, although my site has only a single database with multiple tables,...

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