Constructor The hour to choose its mortgage, asegrese to ask to the credit agency when you are eligible for refinancing. 3. There are moneylenders who offer specific incentives to attract their business like which they offer the reimbursement without penalty. For example, you can be able to diminish the cost of the interests in advance payable until 15% of the original amount of its mortgage every year, without penalty. Also usually they are able to make pay its more advisable mortgage to have its receipt of mortgage automatically deduces of its banking account every month. When doing it, you will not have to worry about the delay in the payments of his mortgage. 4. When you choose the best mortgage to satisfy his needs, you must remember to prevent that you are making an investment important for the life. Asegrese of which you protect his investment when obtaining a form of insurance of protection house. This guarantees that in the case of their premature death, their mortgage will be pleased. You do not have to worry about his being loved of to have punctured with an overwhelming debt. 5. When you are with a hypothecating specialist, you must have the following documentation to verify that there are no disadvantages that appear that they could delay to secure his mortgage: Agreement of sale, receipt of recent payment, report of valuation, confirmation of savings/debt, two forms of valid identification (Identification card, driving licence/Passport), Copy of the Scripture or Certificado de Ttulo, Certificate of present Fulfillment of lands and the taxes of construction and the tariffs of the water, letter of use, and, if it comes, copies of renting receipts. If you are constructing a new house, she must have the construction insurance and ample cover of its home for the new loans of...

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