Overcome Yourself! Do Fitness According to statistics, the main reason that more than half of the clients of fitness clubs, stop their classes - no result. And indeed, after a period of rapid and fairly easy successes, suddenly comes when the process goes, and the achievements are in place. No increase in the loads or the introduction of its schedule additional training can not make a difference. In addition, there is a feeling of constant tiredness and lethargy. "It seems fitness is not for me" - thinks people disappointed and sad to leave the club. A pity it was not worth so quickly capitulate to the difficulties encountered, especially since all of them - are temporary. This period of setbacks and disappointments, just a "test of strength" from which each of us can easily come out the winner. You need only to know what happens to us during this period and to respond to those signals which send us your body. And then the period of physical perfection last a very long time, and the process will only bring joy and fun. Success in improving physical fitness depends on how effectively we will implement the basic principles of fitness: training, nutrition and recovery. Practice shows that usually only enough attention is paid to training and nutrition, and the process of relaxation and recovery ride. This omission is understandable and explainable. In everyday life, most of our time and effort is given to work, school, child-rearing and household chores. What if we add to this regular workout at the fitness club? But all the main processes in your body are taking place outside the gym.

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