Microsoft Office In today's world of software - an important factor in prosperity of any commercial firm. Indeed, at present in any enterprise is the software, there is certainly some amount of conventional computers, there is a server and local area network. Many organizations that have recently closed completely relied on commercial software, is now considering using the open (Open Source) and free software (Freeware). How much quality can be a free program? Despite the fact that some open (and free) software quality inferior to proprietary software, such a phenomenon can not be regarded as a rule. Many popular open source software products exhibit better quality than their proprietary counterparts. Most open source software product is not inferior to proprietary. In addition, Open Source has the potential to surpass the quality of proprietary software, because it has a different model for creating and disseminate. The main advantage of the new model - a model program with open source (Open Source) - or over the traditional proprietary model is that you have access to source code. It might seem that for many non-profit companies is not so important: in the end, how many people can afford full-time specialist in software? In fact, the fact that the program - it's open source software has the great advantage as it allows hundreds of technical specialists, many of whom work as volunteers for free, to work together to further software upgrades. Today we rasssmotrim you choose - and paid all well-known programs or free and as yet unknown to users who need to re-learn. It's no secret that such well-known programs as extended ones, for example, Microsoft Office, most users know in one way or to some degree, but LibreOffice know not all. It turns out that the director of the company has to consider this...

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