Truly German Quiet, warm and dry in the house. High heat and sound insulation do its job. 3. From the windows Shuko no headache - bought and delivered I forgot! Windows require virtually no maintenance, easy to clean and maintain for a long time feeling just bought stuff - do not burn the surface, svetoustoychivy, accessories and handles are protected from corrosion, require no technical service. Truly German quality in all - a guarantee of durability and trouble-free operation. 4. A window will open even a child. Are easy to use and great statics. Easy to open and closed regardless of size. The valves do not sag over time and do not touch a frame. This window will open with ease, even a child. Director of "Windows, Peter," Vasilyev JN, visited during an official visit at the invitation of Schuco production and exhibition packages Schuco in Germany, watched in amazement as the preteen open a massive sliding door weighing 180 kg. 5. Automation, specifically tailored to systems Schuco, liberate you from many types of domestic trouble. Introducing automation and control Schuco, you will receive additional amenities in your home: automatically controlled ventilation system to take care of ventilation - You do not have to break away from things to do or get up from his chair to ventilate; control system instantly informs you of the open windows in the house - you do not have to bypass the entire house room by room, checking to see if the windows are closed. windows will be opened and closed automatically by pressing a button, including remotely, again "without getting up from his chair." 6. Child lock on the windows Shuko relieve you of concern for unattended children. Special blocker eliminates opening the window a child in a dangerous amount. 7. Ability obostroit house the...

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