Hut of the Flowers The Hut of the Flowers - Chapter 6 The visit When Alzira arrived at casebre, to the first hours of one morning sunny, Joaquin was taking care of of its seedbed of grass. Ricardo, still distrustful of being punished by the mother and, without knowing accurately it waited what it in that visit, came submisso and cabisbaixo to the side of it. After to enter, lead mdium them to small cmodo it invited and them if to accomodate in a coarse bank, sitting down of front they, in one I touch wooden that it served to it of seat. Alzira contemplated that man who, even so must little have more than forty years, it seemed well older. It had the grayish hair, long beard e, physically already met well consumed. But in its face, one in such a way disfigured by rugas, shone a pair of eyes chestnuts, sufficiently vivid, transparent and good-tempered. Moreover, Joaquin was provided with a good almost infantile mood. Although they liveed next, the different worlds belonged completely. Alzira had seen never it before that moment and, without knowing reason, she was made an impression with mdium. - My name does not need to present itself answered Joaquin with an amiable smile. - I know who is you and I esteem its family very. My father worked the life all for its and liked it very. Its father was an excellent person, as well as its husband, who is also a man of excellent character. - Obliged, its Joaquin had said, me that exactly he is very educated you. Mdium, foreseeing that the subject was on the youngster, found that it would be convenient to talk solo to prevent constaints of both the parts. - My young, does not want to give a return for there?...

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