February Tax A real interest next to 5% if becomes a problem because we have part of the economy very indexada. Still it has a series of operations with predetermined remuneration, as the habitacionais saving, loans and the remuneration of the siking fund. What it is an obstacle for the continuity of the fall of the interest. Per one decade, the BC did not adopt an interest tax officially. The platform was definitive in agreement the businesses with public headings. In this period, the anualizado interest reached the incredible mark of 438.769%, in February of 1990. the applications? Who will be to the bank from today on in search of an investment to protect the sweated one money will have that to be much more multicriteria. With the decision of the Central banking to cut the basic tax of interests (Selic) in a percentile point, for 9,25% to the year, the incomes of the deep ones of fixed income go to be lesser e, in the majority of the cases, will lose for the matching-fund saving account. For the accounts of the specialists, only the deep ones of fixed income (in which the wallets are composed for public headings) with tax of lesser administration of what 1% to the year will pay more than what the passbook. The problem is that, to enter in this select group, she is necessary to have a economy of R$ 100 a thousand more than, a privilege of few. According to analysts, with the Selic 9.25% to the year, the deep ones of fixed income with tax of bigger administration of what 1% will relieve, in the maximum, 0.52% to the month. This ceiling was calculated taking in consideration aliquot of the Income tax of 15% the incident on the profits of the applications with more...

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