Knowledge of Man He will be that the man knows itself total exactly? This question walks with the man for all history of the humanity, however, in that historical context, the human being, through the evolution was knowing everything what it was to its redor, searching the knowledge of itself exactly. With certainty it is a question that already was made by many people, who looking for to know the man, is also looking for to know itself exactly. This question haunts the humanity, with this the human being conquered some objectives, science is each evolved time more and bringing new experiments, at last, the humanity at every moment searchs to know something new, a new discovered, knows other universes, planets, can until making forecasts of the future, that is, knows very, but, it enough not to exactly deplete or to limit the knowledge on itself. According to Ernst Cassirer the man: ' ' she is the creature who is in continuous search of itself exactly and that all the moments of its existence, needs to escrutar the conditions of mesma' ' (CASSIRER, 1997, p.22) To each day the man must become an auto-analysis of its life and of itself exactly, to be searching through the search of itself an accomplishment for its proper I, eat I say Scrates that ' ' a life that is not examined valley the penalty not to be vivida' '. The knowledge of itself is the first condition of the auto accomplishment. We need to try to unfasten the mooring cables that bring in them tied to the exterior world to be able to enjoy of our true freedom. But to acquire the knowledge of itself exactly, the convivncia with the proper one is necessary human being, that to understand themselves and to understand it the face...

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