Stability Did you know that you can not learn a lot of push-ups, carrying nothing but push-ups? Surely you know - this is a small detail in the course "push x4" freely distributed over the internet. The overall essence of the is this: If you concentrate on some push-ups, then the quality will go only to load the major muscles (chest, front of the delta, triceps). That means only they will be strengthened. But supporting musculature, occupied Stability, load almost does not get (read: not strengthened). And when the core muscles become much stronger support - progress will stop. That's how our muscles - losing balance, it loses efficiency. Let's think about how to get around this limitation. More precisely, not to circumvent, but to accept and adapt to suit our needs. Once the muscles involved in supporting the stabilization, so you need to change exercises, so that it were spent to stabilize the serious part of the effort. Logical? For example, what if during the push to put one hand under the basketball? The center of gravity shifted and it will already give the body a reason pobalansirovat, connect to movement of small muscles of the chest and shoulder stabilizers. What if each repetition to change hands, by which the ball? After the first push will be under the right, after the second - under the left, and so dalee.Prizhalis to the floor, stronger pushed, jumped over the ball, changing hands in the air, all repeated on the other hand ... That's real work to be stabilizing! First, the load will move from side to side. Second, the balance on the the ball, so even with the bounce - aerobatics. You can think of half a dozen more such exercises. And they will all help to increase your maximum in...

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