American Prosperity Also it is precisely the desire and the desire to improve the living standard of what constitutes the firm foundation of American prosperity 2. Thus, mass consumption only sustain thereby promoting economic growth, Katona was trying to demonstrate how the use was closely linked to population factors such as education and habits that were formed in the individual and new attitudes and aspirations, this occurred as other factors became more significant psychological, behavioral and motivational, for consumption Katona Pora clearly is determined by market forces (income, prices, assets), also refers psychological factors (motives and attitudes, previous experiences, projects), that together they tend to conform to the behavior of consumption. James S. a Duesenberry 3, explaining household expenditure as a central concept in American sociology of that time, analyzed the impact of group membership and reference groups in shaping economic behavior affective, consumption became a social position which persons are framed in groups of distribution of wealth, according to this economist benchmarking of the purchase is made more for people with which contact is hierarchically distant by stereotypes. Following this he created the dichotomy need motivation about how we see the utility. Abraham Maslow 4 established a functional scale of needs is widely used in commercial research and consumer psychology to this day, Maslow differentiate input a set of upper and lower basic needs. The basic needs are sorted by themselves, this makes the satisfaction of any need to allow other weaker, who had been displaced to a close pass to present their motivation.
Flowers and Remedies With this process also the illnesses that acometem the oldness, for these reasons appear, many of the participants gave up, but they mainly had others that persisted, and in this in case that the biggest concern of Mr. Silvino is to take during its presentations the necessary remedies, remedies for the arterial pressure. In this group only people with advanced ages enter, but exceptions for people with age of 40 years exist at least. The group is well typical, with old markings, where innovation does not occur, as for example, the other groups of Altamira: Flower of Youth, White Swan and Kisses Flower; that also they are Parafolclricos groups, that always come with new features every year. The steps are pegos of old groups, the marking are the incubency of Mr. Adelino and for substitute Mr. Silvino, used musics are the juninas, the organization of the integrant ones normally are 24 pairs, the main steps are the waves, the great circle and maxixe. The presentations and the assays last about 20 minutes for not becoming tiring. They assay three times per week, two months before starting the presentations. To prove that this custom will go to pass of generation the generation, we have as test many times the participation of the children or grandsons. When the partner of the brincante cannot present itself, is substituted by one of them. Today they are only substitute, later will be the official participants. The aged ones that they participate of the Old Coconut that of the Oil well is organized, all they are associates through fiches of official registration and carteirinhas of operating members. Since when the group it was formed the presentations had never left to happen. About the year of 2004 when the death of Valumira Pantoja occurred, Mr. Silvino thought...

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