Her Mom Children ploughs treated with love and care, and Sula emerges in the deepest of the conscience of to their frustrations and aims. Her Mom asks to her when she will get married and she answers: . . . I don t want you make somebody else. I want you make myself. And to her Mom replies: Selfish. Ain t in woman got in business floatin around without in man (Morrison 92). It reveals Sula s egocentrism. It sounds that black women really have to their men in consideration, and the conception of love, respect and fidelity ploughs illustrated in the relationships of couples along the narrative. Sula s book, we can point out adds of them, like beauty, to war, abandonment, and love 06, which can be presented the allegorical signs ( detail of the setting stands will be something else: an abstract idea, social, the philosophical one, or religious concept, the psychological state (Schechter 18)). There ploughs adds evidences of beauty we can see in the following passage in the voice of Helen: Don t just sit there, honey. You could be pulling your nose (Morrison 28). Another one: While you sitting there, honey, go head and pull your nose. It hurts, Mamma. Don t you want the nice nose when you grow up? (Morrison 55). If we to consider abandonment, we d to rather check this passage: After five years of sad and disgruntled marriage Boy-Boy took off. During the teams they were to together, he was very much preoccupied with to other women and not home much. He did to whatever he could that he liked, and he liked womanizing best, drinking second, and abusing Eva third. When he left in November, Eva had $1,65, five eggs, three beets and in the idea of what or how...
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