Translucent Printing Specialists have been successfully operating in the field of printing, with the certainty that such a multilayer structure facilitates the saturation of colors, realistic images and is much better and prolonged preservation in comparison with the prints on paper of inferior quality. There is one no small advantage - high density of the media and additional synthetic coating on the back side prevents the edges and twisting deformation of the paper during printing, which by itself greatly increases the quality and reduces the number of marriage. If necessary, post-processing is desirable to cold lamination and hot lamination is permissible, but only in low-temperature regime. Group photo papers - the richest on range. Among the photocarriers have grades of paper with high gloss, semigloss, and matte. It is worth noting that major brands tend to use two groups of carriers - carriers premium and economy class. This photo paper with the same at first glance, covering different composition and structure and, consequently, quality and price. Other grades and types of securities, other than photo paper, the most frequently used in outdoor advertising: Translucent (poster) paper. This translucent coated paper for light commercials. It is perfect for light boxes, as well as commonly used for printing posters and posters. Posters, printed on it, suitable for placement in both indoors and outdoors. -back. This carrier is used for outdoor advertising, and mainly for short-term promotional campaigns as profitable print banner on vinyl. It is specifically designed for application on uneven painted surface or the remnants of old posters.
The Government It cannot be denied, that inflation is a real and worrying fact that demonstrates that the quality of life of Venezuelans overwhelmingly this deteriorated, specifically, to the reality of a high cost of living, where the family basket a significant numbers of people, can not buy it by the high costs of basic foodsdue to non-productivity of these on the part of the business sector and also to the actions of the Government which has opted more imports, which makes the prices of products are high. Coupled with this the reality is the low salaries which is a constant source of protests, claims, paros, posts are not adapted to the inflationary reality of the present. Added to all this, the significant number of unemployed, leading to the informal sector of the economy increases gradually generating an anarchic situation, without control, large proportions in the the country's main cities. Against unemployment, the increase of food prices and the shortage of housing, fires that activity especially in the streets of the city centre where there are sellers of all kinds. It is said that only in Caracas is estimated about 900,000 people who serve in it and some 4 million across the country. The Government must assess the reality of the informal economy, what this represents for the country, the social cost, its impact on their economic programmes in order to take corrective action, give way to actions that are transformed into control systems that does not affect, for example, evasion of taxes, corruption, smuggling, piracy, affectation to those operating within the formal only in piracy economy there are data, that is, contributes to increase the informal economy, the recording industry has been one of the most serious victims by the growth of piracy. The difference is abysmal, considering that a burnt...

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