Federal Constitution These justifications are weak and dangerous and it makes in them to see and to think as our people lost the hope and force to fight per better days or even though is accomodated or influenced for the marketing of the government, for what they listen to speak or for the propagandas that see in the TV.Sabemos that the alternation of being able is very good, so that the groups and the parties do not feel owners of the situation, even because the alternation of being able is if it justifies in the fact to prevent that groups, parties or governing if perpetuate, therefore, when they are in the power for some mandates, they forget that they had received the mandates from the people to govern in benefit of the population and in benefit same of itself and when this does not happen much bad thing can happen and to the few it goes if creating a disfarado species of dictatorship and to the few the people goes supporting without nor perceiving, in the case Brazil, people has been silent ahead of many injustices and is of this that we must have care. Let us analyze in such a way to fortify plus our ideals; we have a Federal Constitution that in it guarantees gratuitous right to them the education, health, security, habitation, basic sanitation, among others; we know and we feel that these rights are not being guaranteed the population; it has people dying in the line of the SUS, due to stream beds, due to medical attendance, lacks UTIs in the public hospitals, the aged ones dying due to medicines, thousand of people liveing underneath of the bridges or in the streets, children and adolescent asking for almses, assaulting in the transit signals and sleeping in the sidewalk...
Cork Coverings At present tube is very widely used in construction as heat and sound insulation material, decoration material as wall and floor coverings, as well as for protection against vibration. Natural Natural material, tightly compacted and soaked natural cork material - suberin, determines the properties of the finishing material. Since the absorption coefficient at a frequency of 1000 Hz, wall coverings 2 mm thickness is 0,1, rooms, decorated with cork, do not create echo and absorb sound. Among other things, cork material has a high anti-static and bactericidal properties. It is resistant to exposed to chemicals everyday use. Does not support combustion and does not emit harmful substances with strong heating. The tube will not rot, to rodents and vermin, immune to mildew, despite the fact that this natural product without any chemical additives. Cork wall covering as a finishing material tube is used either in the form of tiles 600h300h3mm 500h10000h2mm in rolls or as wallpaper with a paper basis. Sheet and roll tube consists of agglomerated (chopped and pressed) tubes coated with a decorative layer - cork veneer. For extra protection coated with wax or varnish. Wax enhances antikondesatsionnye properties of cork, allowing the emergence of mold and corrosion. Such coatings are not interchangeable in the bathroom and the kitchen. No wax-coated products can be used in wet areas with mandatory coverage. Cork wallpaper is a thin veneer of cork printed on a paper basis. However, not every cork tile is suitable for decoration, which is due not only thick, but also the quality of tiles.

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