Culture Abroad By origin coffee drink and a few legends. The first one tells of the Sufi mystic from Yemen who was called Abu Al Akbar Noruddin Hasan al Shadhili. During a trip to Ethiopia, he found that some of the local birds, an unusually agile, and determined that the cause of this are the berries on which they feed. According to another legend, the discovery belongs to the shepherd Caldy, who noticed that his goats longer to keep fit, if chewed the red berries of a bush, and then decided to try them myself. Having experienced the surge of courage, the shepherd decided to include the fruits of a mentor nearest monastery, but the latter did not believe him and threw berries in the fire, which both felt very pleasant aroma. Coffee beans were immediately removed from the fire-ground and dissolved in water - and turned the world's first coffee drink. The earliest mention of coffee in literature dates back to 10th century, and belongs to the dealer Philippe Sylvestre Dufour, who described the work of the Persian physicist Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, known in the West as Rhazes, but a more compelling information about preparing a coffee drink from roasted beans is found only several centuries later. The most reliable source on this issue is the text of Abd al-Qadir al-Jaziri, written in 1587 and sheds light on the distribution of coffee in those days. According to his version of the first who introduced the fashion of drinking coffee drink, was Sheikh Jamal al-Din al Dhabhani, approximately 1454.
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