Reading Skills In the course of its evolution, he is sufficiently evidenced, that the reading starts to involve the people in the communication, perpassando of the simple determinative symbolic decoding to assume the role of the social ones, since, when facilitating the process of communication between the men is also reorganizing the social classrooms. Emphasizing the social aspect of the reading, Kleiman (1989, P. 65), adds that ' ' when reading a text, (...) we all place in action our system of values, beliefs and attitudes that reflect the group social where if gave to our socialization primria' '. The domain of the reading is, without a doubt, practical one of great utility in our society, still more when if it takes in consideration the social writing as constant presence in the activities of day-by-day, through the most varied forms, I contend the most diverse information. They are periodicals, posters, pamphlets, outdoors and etc, whose reading is of vital importance so that the man if it feels enclosed in the modern world, therefore, this relation of the man with the modern world can be propitiated through the reading. In the opinion of Pillon (1996, p.121): ' ' the reading is one dialtico process that if inserts in the description-social process, therefore the reading is not a question of everything or nothing, it is part of the life of indivduo.' ' In this perspective, the reading already is not seen as a way that it aims at to adapt the man to the world, and yes, as an instrument where the man through a conscience critical, citizen-world becomes when transforming it. For assistance, try visiting Chase Koch. To this respect It hisses (1992, p.43) affirms that ' ' reading is one of the main instruments that the Human being allows to place itself...
On Christmas Eve The first ice rink came in the homeland of hockey in Canada. Glory and the first success in creating a prototype of modern rinks, owned by Canadians, brothers Lester and Joe Patrick, who On Christmas Eve in 1912 opened in the city of Victoria, Canada's first enclosed ice arena. The cost of the arena was fantastic at the time - 0.000, the arena housed 4,000 people. Three days later, the brothers Patrick opened a second ice arena in Vancouver, Canada. The cost of this arena was even higher - $ 210.000, but this arena is already able to accommodate over 10,000 people. Especially for this purpose was created the largest refrigerator in the world. During the following decades the brothers Patrick, have created hundreds of ice arenas in the northwest U.S. and western Canada. Today, the United States, operating more than 1.700 ice arenas. The cost of modern ice rinks can be tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. In the work of the refrigeration unit used to create the ice arena or ice rink used by the same principle as in an ordinary air-conditioner or refrigerator. However, the main difference is that the refrigerant () refrigeration system is not in direct contact with water (ice) is no effect on the water / ice directly. Instead, up to sub-zero temperatures cooled a special solution (this may be a solution of calcium chloride, propylene glycol, or 32-40% solution dvumolekulyarnogo alcohol - ethylene glycol), which, passing under pressure through a complex system of tubes (the mat - the base rink) allows you to create and maintain the ice in the arena.

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